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Design for Print


We can design your logo around your special needs. We know how to make logos that res-up to any size and hold their integrity in black and white, full color and on-screen.


We have been working with four-color press advertising layouts since the mid-90s. We can design a variety of projects from single page, post cards, folded, saddle-stitched, booklets, posters and much more. We specialize in rapid response an bullet-proof files for your printing vendor.

Media Covers

We do custom artwork as well. We can create original digital art for your CD, DVD, or other media packaging. Built upon your requirements and tastes, we will custom-create digital paintings that complement your creation.

Data Mapping

Statistical analysis and mapping of data to printed graphics is another one of our specialties. We can take your data and create custom maps to illustrate it geographically or abstractly. These integrate nicely into reports, advertisements and presentations.

Due to contractual limitations we cannot show you examples of everything we do in the Design For Print category. Contact us below to have a sample resembling your needs emailed to you.

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